Illustration of Group of Photographers

fashion illustration

I created this illustration for a group of fashion photographers in Melbourne. After drawing a sketch in pencil, I colored it using watercolor and finished it off with ink on brushes and pens. Thereafter, I scanned the illustration into Photoshop for some final retouching.

Every fashion photographer usually carries two cameras at the same time, I learned. One for taking photos at a distance using a longer lens and one with smaller lens for close ups. I wanted to capture this in the illustration without making it look too busy with cameras distracting the impression of the overall look. Therefore, I just suggested some of the cameras with a small glimpse of it or with the strap for holding it.

I made a simple painting of the background as a picturesque city scene. My aim was to keep it light and airy in order to keep focus on the main characters in the foreground.


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