Summer Days

Watercolor portrait in progress of a girl wearing a flower garland. In the first mash of this painting I painted wet-in-wet and let the green of the leafs flow into the blond hair of the girl.

Custom Portrait in Watercolor

order watercolor portrait

Custom portrait of a grandfather and his grandson by the lake they go fishing to sometimes. I wanted to create a dreamy and colorful wibe and did so by painting in bright color and both using the technique wet-in wet and wet on dry. If you are interested in having a moment from your life captured in watercolor do not hestitate to contact me! I take commissions in watercolor of people, pets, homes, and all other sorts of motifs.

Caring for your brushes

caring for your watercolor brushes

Here’s a simple way of caring for your watercolor brushes: never let them stay in a jar of water while painting, instead always lay them flat while you’re not using them. Otherwise the strands will get bent and the glue might not hold the strands in the long run. For more tips and glimpses of when I paint follow me on Instagram @watercolorbycaroline