Watercolor Wedding Portrait

custom portrait

custom watercolor portrait

I painted this wedding portrait of a couple as a gift from the sister of the bride. The black and white photo shows what I worked from. Since it was in black and white I had to imagine the colors of the setting and choose to change the path to a more lush look, as if the were walking under the trees with rays of sunshine finding their way through the branches above.

Wedding Couple Portrait

wedding couple 900

wedding couple with photo.jpg

This portrait of a newlywed couple was painted in watercolor on Daler Rowney Langton fine art paper. I really like their hot pressed mould made 100% cotton paper since it feels very smooth and scans nicely into digital format. I am new at painting cars so it was an interesting challenge. I wanted to incorporate it in the painting since it creates a romantic setting for the couple. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to create more wedding portraits in the future!